Confident City Cycling

2.5 Hour Course
Run Periodically Throughout the Year

If you are among the growing number of people looking to ride for fitness or basic transportation but unsure about what to do in case of a flat or how to safely ride on the street, the class is for you! Our certified bike instructors make learning the basics easy and fun.

All you need to bring is a bike, helmet and readiness for fun! Here's the basic course outline:


  • Picking the right bike. Types of bikes, bike fit, basic adjustments.

  • The ABC quick check. How to make sure your bike is working right before you ride (checking Air, Brakes, Chain).

  • Maintenance. Hands-on practice with fixing a flat and other basics.

  • Clothing. Helmet fit and ideal clothing for basic commutes.


  • Basic bike handling. Starting efficiently, steering in a straight line, quick stops.

  • Riding on the street (traffic law, changing lanes)

  • Short trail or street ride